Hassan Garmiany Bio

Hassan Garmiany Bio

His original name is Hassan Abdulla mohammed Agga, he is born in an area of Kurdistan-Iraq called for the Qader Karam area, he completed primary school in the same area, and then completed Agriculture School in 1965 – 1966 in Soleimanie.

29/11/1966 was his first day as a teacher in the same school named Bakrajo agriculture school in Soliemanie.
His first assignment was singing a folk song called (XOM qurbany) where he sang in cooperation with Soliemanie band up on stage to Soliemanie High School.
On 11 / 03/1971 he arranged another concert (xuld) hall where he sang two songs (mail logs) and (kamara Sehl), by chance there was a camera man at the arrangement from he main TV station in Baghdad Irakoske, both songs were shown on television that year and that was what led Garmiany into popularity throughout Iraq particularly in Kurdistan, he was a larger success because he sang in Kurdish.Garmiany Hassan said he belongs to Kurdistan and the Kurdistan belongs to him.
When he went back to Kurdistan in 2005, he organized his first concert in the city of Kirkuk with the help of the band (Shafaq) in accordance with his son Belan as the main composer, Garmiany was one of the first to arrange a concert held in Kirkuk during the freedom process in 2003. Showing that he supports the Kurds in Kirkuk and to confirm that Kirkuk is a Kurdish city, and belongs to Kurdistan, followed by several artists to support Kirkuk peoples.

Then he finished his tournament and his second concert was held in the city of Erbil by the band (Folkle art group) in accordance with the main composer (Chetto Newroz) in Erbil where the satallite television channel (Zagros) was the main sponsor for this concert. The third concert was in Soleimanie which was held in Studio live on the TV for satallite based television channel (Kurdsat) in accordance with the main composer (Diler Hossein). The fourth concert was also held in the studio live by the satallit based television channel (TV Kurdistan) by the composer (Said Ahmed Rawandzy).
Garmiany Hassan says he does not belong to any political sides, and think that all political sides belong to him.

Hassan garmiany is grateful and thanks all the artists who helps him in his career and never forgets them, among the artists are (Anwar Qaradaxy, Xalid Sarkar, Salah Raoof, Albert Isa, Wrya Ahmed, Sardar Koiy, Mamosta Hussein Amanj Xazi, Sayd Ahmed Rawandzy, Ferheng Xeffor, Sherzad Serspy, Goran Kamil, stockist Husein (he is Garmianys big brother’s son, the great composer and violinist trained by Garmiany) Chetto Newroz, Farooq Bapir, Belan (he is His famous son, composer and santo shake and Audio producer), also thanks the many others that I have not mentioned here.
(Albath party under Saddam Husein’s) regime has many times promised Garmiany big prizes as large plots and big cash prizes and big positions within the state’s power to become governor or member of Congress if he becomes a member of (Albath Party), but Garmiany has rejected this, and this got (Albath Party) to react strongly against the refusal Garmiany had been jailed and all his songs were banned on the TV channels for at least 2 years.

(Albath Party) continued to harass and threaten Garmiany with different ways to get him to join, and at least get him to sing in different Albath and Saddam’s event, he continued to refuse to join or not to sing in any Albath their events, enough once he was imprisoned and tortured for this. There were some in albath party that he liked him even though they were members of (Albath party). They got Garmiany out of Albath’s prisons.

There, after leaving the city Garmiany Soleimanie he moved with his family to Erbil, his life did not change much because there Albath party still bothered him until the revolution in 1991 when Albath was ejected from Kurdistan.
In 1970, Hassan Garmiany became a member of Soleimanie music group and he has produced the foremost of their work with them, among the most popular songs (Disan Baran, Kemer Shel, Lem yaxye, Seuzele, Gozey see Shane, Meylengene, Sozey Garmian, Salda , Heynaxshanem, Lanke, Lerzan, Kezjale, Ewarey paiz, Shewey Shirin, Ambience of Allaweysi, Ambience of xorshidy, Malawaiy sedey 20, Em komele em dunyaye, Zerdey le demkel, Hewre resh, Shekety Rega, Lenaw rezan, Jwany rebwar, Sabat, Kzey cerganem, Xiwast, many other songs …
Hassan Garmiany has not given up the art of singing, he fled out of the country and left Kurdistan in 1997 and is now located in Norway, where he managed another new album called (Garmian) in 2004 where his son Belan was behind the production of plate, then another new record in 2008 called (Xiwast) for a Mobile company Asia Cell Iraq in cooperation with Chwar Chra art company in Erbil who was behind the production, this disc has both his son Belan and big brother’s son, Diler and another composer working on the composition of all the songs, it was used by symphony orchestras in Karlstad / Sweden, and Marsendiz bands in Istanbul / Turkey.

Hassan Garmiany is still running as an active singer and even plans to release more and more albums.